Since we're in a pandemic...

With luck, we won’t have to concern ourselves with precautions, potentials shutdowns, or anything else pandemic-related. 

But, just in case, here are the answers to quick questions:

No – this was and will continue to be an in-person event.

That said, we will do our best to get recordings from each show that will be available to registered attendees after the show.

If we are unable to attend the Roadshow due to government-sanctioned lockdowns, we will either reschedule or offer full refunds. This will depend on the scope and duration of the lockdown.

The health and safety of all attendees is primary. We’ll follow whatever guidelines that location’s health board puts forth.

Yes – send us an email at [email protected] with your information and what location you want to attend.

You can view our full policy here: Event Refund Policy 

Become Unbreakable Agenda

  • Networking 1pm

    Meet up with old colleagues you haven't seen in what feels like a decade and of course, meet some new friends, too​

  • Presentation by Karl W. Palachuk 1:30pm

    Topics include:

  • Extended Q&A 4:30pm

    Be ready with questions about your specific business and Karl will do

  • Post-Event Beer Fest 5pm

    Seems to Karl that you've earned a cold one. Join him and your peers for celebratory mug, on Karl

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